A downloadable Baldi's Basics for Android


Yes, you should already know that the mod is not mine, please do not report me, just to warn you, that I will give Fasguy credit for the original mod, this mod is not "pirated" or "illegal", I did asked him before about re-uploading here, I will update this mod when there is update

Btw here's proof I did asked him before: (don't read caption, kinda gross ;) )

Here's Proof, now stfu

Oh, and the most important: Just to clarify, this is not my mod, probably Fasguy will no longer update that mod menu, so don't ask suggestions

For everyone who was asking when bb+ mod menu will exist:


Want to report issues? Go there


  • Make characters ignore you
  • Change the speed, size and visibility of characters
  • Enable, disable and clone characters
  • Edit your inventory and item values
  • Make characters ignore you
  • Character, notebook and Exit teleports
  • Infinite items
  • Scene manager
  • No clip
  • An answer to the impossible question


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file

  1. The original game

(The description of the requirements and features copied in GameBanana)


Fasguy Discord Server

If the link doesn't work, tell me, I'll update soon!

If you want older versions of the mod menu, go to mod menu vault in downloads session

You can check out my new game!

Baldi's Basics Plus 2D

Updated 5 days ago
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, Horror, Singleplayer

Install instructions

### WINDOWS ###:
Windows Video Tutorial:

INFO: If you want to use the mod, then you need to have the original game already installed.
1. Find your existing installation of the game.
2. Go to [Game Name]_Data → Managed
3. Extract the "Assembly-CSharp.dll" file into this Folder.
4. Replace the already existing file.
5. Start the game.
6. Press TAB in-game (to open the Mod Menu).


It's a .APK file, meaning it's like a .zip file that only androids accept, instructions below:
1. You download the apk, the download button will be below
2. After downloading, you extract or install the game (these apks come with the game)
3. After install you will open the game and have the normal android game
4. You start the game, and you will see that you have a black balloon that says "mod menu", you click on that balloon and the whole modification list will appear for you to play. To close the list, click on the black balloon again.
Extra Instructions: You can move that black balloon by simply clicking and dragging to any corner of the screen.
Notice to android users: Both apks have already seen the android game along with the mod menu. 

Warning for all peoples:

If you find bugs in the mod menu, say here, I'll talk to his creator your bugs.


Baldi's basics birthday bash mod menu 1.1.2.zip 250 kB
Baldi's Basics Android 1.4.3 Mod Menu 2.0.2
Baldi's Basics 1.4.3 Mod Menu 2.0.2 478 kB
Mod Menu Vault (All Versions)

Development log

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did you ask Fasguy permission to reupload it + Screenshot proof

Yay another one asking something that I did really long time ago, yeah I did asked him, he gave permission

(old messages, because another one asked the same question)

2 Requests:

1: Text editor: Modify the text in any way.

2: Notebook Modifier: Be able to change how many notebooks you have and how many you need to beat the game.

Link: https://fasguy.github/vault/#baldis_basics_modmenu

i Just want it 20 years 2013

will there be a version for android birthday bash mode?

Like a new



Stupid Popup blocker

(2 edits)

Can you Make gotta Sweep not collide with each other i mean. Uhh I mean can you not make *gotta sweep* sweep each other. Or is that not possible.

I guess not

What do you mean by Collide with each other.... wait... Oh God

It would be nice if Fasguy would add Mrs Pomp, Beans or Chalkless in the next update.

This is a mod, not a decompile, also, soon he may make the mod menu to BB+, but only when the game is already finished (no more updates)

Failed to grab data.

Where is 1.18 or other versions like 2.0 or 1.18.1

(1 edit)

Oh god, you right, the vault doesn't work anymore. I'm gonna fix it if I can

Edit: wait a sec... that's just the github page, maybe I forgot to put the vault link, here it is https://fasguy.github.io/vault/

can you do 2.0.3 for how much items? and and how fast is the timer from Deteneion ask fasguy

Why no iOS port?

I downloaded here because gamebanana is down

i am 9 and i can do it by myself

(1 edit)

I am 10 and I Have an IQ of 100 (for now) And I Know too Much ;)

wink wink

Im 9 too


this is perfect! I can beat the game like this! By cheating!!

this mod is amazing, playing minecraft in creative and commanding as OP 

thats what felling is coming

playing this mod

I was confused how to play mod menu and then I put  it in managed file and than press "TAB" to see is it working and it was working and I was very happy

i need fasguy

the only thing i hate about this version is that baldi's lethal touch doesn't come and tutor baldi
wow, this worked for me thanks :V

Say thanks for Fasguy :)




Hey, why you can't reply the comments instead of sending a new unnecessary comment? Just press the reply button under my comment, if you still act like a stupid, I'll close this chat for a while.


Congrats, you finally did it

what do you want i dont like you or i quit here

also when 2.0.3 comes can i be a Character from baldi basics and how fast is the timer from Deteneion

We both know the mod menu was made by Fasguy, and where I said the 2.0.3 will come? I don't know if Fasguy would continue this mod, he's waiting to create the Mod Menu to BB+, I don't know if I will send your suggestion to it, because the mod don't have any updates or something like that.

do you know you can get baldi mod menu faster?

What is this question? Pls, stop spamming weird questions and sending a new comment replying me instead to comment in my comment.



Go to downloads section, and you will be able to see a name called "vault", just click in the download button, and you might see what I said.

(1 edit)

PLS Guys, stop asking to get mod menu in the old versions, everyone sees the vault there?

Click on it, then you can see all the versions.

can you go back to 1.3.2 or 1.2.2

See the vault and you will get these versions...

I can't get the mod Menu on my phone for some reason

Are you downloading the right version? Can you show me something to help you?


pleas baldi 1.4.1 android mod menu



Thank you

But when you download 1.4.1 mod menu, 1.4.2 comes out

Hm, that was unexpected, sorry dude, I can't do anything about that



The reason is because the 1.4.1 android version doesn't have a C-Sharp.

Deleted 1 year ago

What do you mean?

Deleted 1 year ago

Ok, so: No(?)

Deleted 1 year ago

What do you mean? I'm not deleting, i guess they are doing this.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 94 days ago

Dude i was banned a few months ago, i don't care anymore for this


This happened in the birthday bash mod menu. But you do not have to fix this.

Wow that's weird LMAO

yeah. It's really funny.

when is bb+ mod menu coming?  like 444444444444444444444444444 decends?

the apirl fools event is pretty hilirious

Are you guys role-playing?

What role-playing?

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